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Tuia 250 ki Tōtaranui


In 2019, Aotearoa New Zealand marked 250 years since the first meetings took place between Māori and Pākehā, including Captain James Cook’s arrival in Meretoto/Ship Cove in Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound.

The Tuia 250 voyage flotilla included traditional waka, the HMB Endeavour replica and the Spirit of New Zealand which arrived in Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound to a pōwhiri at Meretoto/Ship Cove.

As part of this significant national acknowledgement of our dual heritage, Marlborough Events Ltd was contracted to the Tuia 250 ki Tōtaranui Trust as event manager for the Port Marlborough Schools Day on the fifth day of the event, and event assistant for the first four days of the event in Marlborough.

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